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Trusted by hundreds of leading shippers navigating freight transport complexities like never before.

Effective transportation logistics management has become an essential aspect of successful business operations, however the demands of evolving market conditions have made this job harder than ever. Confidently navigate supply chain uncertainty with reliable visibility into capacity conditions and market rate trends.

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Build a robust carrier portfolio to handle complex shipping needs

Identify opportunities to strengthen your network and find the right balance between costs with service levels. Improve carrier negotiations,right-size RFPs, and reduce the risk of service failures with insight into freight market rate and capacity trends. Access a comprehensive carrier database to find reliable capacity, especially when you need it most.


Leverage past, present, and future rate insights

Robust analysis tools allow shippers to incorporate custom segmentation or filtering criteria that match unique business needs to gain a better understanding of historical rate trends, compare current or past performance to the market, or proactively forecast rates for more accurate planning.


Adapt to new and ongoing challenges

Partner with DAT iQ experts for consultative support as well as data and integration services. Enable transportation teams to navigate market fluctuations, make informed decisions, dynamically plug routing guides, and solve lane or service level issues.Build resilience and flexibility into your strategy with DAT iQ.

With DAT iQ’s industry-leading transportation rate and capacity analytics solutions, shippers can confidently navigate day-to-day challenges, strategic planning, and executive-level discussions.

Use comprehensive analytics to inform strategy across the full transportation lifecycle


Comprehensive market rate visibility equips shippers with the insights they need for strategic planning, risk mitigation, performance optimization, and cost management.

Evaluate objective market data and capacity trends to create a procurement strategy that works for the long haul.

Bolster your operations with advanced data services, seamless integration support, and access to consultants with deep industry expertise.

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Analytics Services

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Industry-leading shippers trust DAT iQ’s data to power their transportation and logistics management.

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