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For brokers, RFPs are a necessary part of doing business, providing access to the stability of long term contracts and mitigating risks tied to the gyrating spot market. Going up against large established carriers in an RFP can seem like a daunting task. But with the right strategies and rate forecasting tools, even small brokerages can be contenders, leveraging the process to improve their bottom lines. Download the guide now.

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Drive smart sourcing workflows

Streamline RFP planning and bid evaluation by automating outdated time-consuming methods.Instead, rely on objective, consolidated market data to drive informed decision-making.


Leverage market insights for negotiations

Evaluate and compare bids against reliable historical rates and market benchmarks for key lanes.Strengthen your bargaining position in shipper feedback rounds.


Plan with confidence

Incorporate seasonal fluctuations into your analysis and set appropriate expectations with key stakeholders.Select winning bids at rates that will remain compelling while keeping costs contained.

With DAT iQ’s Industry-leading analytics solutions, brokers can:

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